Musicians are crying out for a community-based ecosystem for help & support


Can a music platform deliver fair play for everyone?

Being lucky enough to live your passion by ‘making it’ in the music industry is a closely nurtured dream for many talented artists. Success can literally change lives.
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However, with so many obstacles for artists to overcome on the road to success – not least making a living via current streaming models, many are left struggling to make a full-time living from their art. Listeners are losing out too, as the range of new music flowing into the mainstream is increasingly limited.

While according to the 2017 IFPI Global Music Report around $15.7 billion was generated by the music industry worldwide, it would seem from listening to artists complaints, the money doesn’t always filter down.

We all know that everyone involved in bringing music to the listener needs to take their cut, but might now be the time to adopt a new financial model? Something more equitable where everyone earns a fair slice of the pie?

Pie in the sky? Maybe not, as our open and collaborative new community music project – Go To Hear intends to be the catalyst for change. Compare us to other music services.

Go To Hear – redressing the balance

Go To Hear plans to provide a central hub that offers musicians, listeners and promoters access to a sustainable community music ecosystem that simply doesn’t exist anywhere else. The goal is to give artists much more control over their own destiny by:

  • providing a central resource for everything music
  • creating an inspirational new music community
  • nurturing music and arts across all genres

The objective is to eliminate the need to join different platforms for each element required to support the musical journey. With a central hub, artists and bands will have everything they need at their fingertips. This will make it easier to release music, promote themselves, reach more listeners and interact with fans.

As a musician what’s in it for you?

You’ll be able to do far more than just upload your music to stream and sell, you’ll be able to:

  • create a fan-zone and earn affiliate payments for signing up paying platform members
  • release gig and event information
  • list merchandise
  • blog to promote tracks, support fans, other bloggers and artists
  • exchange info, seek advice and discuss your music

The more your fan base grows and the wider your audience becomes, the more your music will be heard.

That’s great but most importantly, the platform can help you to monetize your music. We know that for many artists music is about far more than making money, however, wouldn’t it be good to be finally making enough to consider giving up the day job? With our affiliate payment model there is more of an equitable share – find out more.

What’s in it for the listener?

Go To Hear’s fair-minded approach doesn’t solely apply to musicians. If you’re using one of the current music streaming services, you are probably only listening to a limited selection of the most-streamed tracks.

According to BuzzAngel data trackers, over 99% of all audio-streamed music is of the top 10% of most popular tracks. Go To Hear aims make it easier for listeners to broaden their musical tastes and discover new talent, in addition, they’ll be able to:

  • view and follow an artist’s profile
  • earn affiliate payments from signing up other and recommending tracks/album/merchandise to buy
  • review musicians, tracks and gigs
  • blog about favourite bands and tracks
  • create playlists
  • participate in forums
  • access gig and event info

So what’s makes Go To Hear different to other streaming services?

  1. Fair play for music – a strong belief that everyone should benefit fairly and equally regardless of whether they are a music maker, label, distributor or promoter. By building a self-contained and sustainable ecosystem, fans and artists can support each other in a way that goes beyond what is currently possible. As well as being a great platform to listen to and discover music, paid up platform members will be able to generate a rewarding monthly income stream by signing up their connections as paying members – 25%* of the member’s subscription fee will be paid each month the membership is valid.
  2. A gateway to Cryptocurrency – after successful ICO and full platform launch the founders plan to airdrop each paying member $10 in GTH cryptocurrency (to commence the first full month after paid sign up and to go on each month for a limited period). This can be used to buy tracks and merchandise, it can be saved, cashed in or used to tip your favourite artists. Members will also receive bonuses for how many crypto tokens they have earned and hold.

 A new music industry reality.

The reality is that living well from making the music you love is difficult. For things to be different, someone has to be bold enough to step up and reject that reality. On its own, though, rejection is not enough to bring about change as there has to be a viable and credible alternative.

Go To Hear’s new sustainable community music platform intends to deliver that alternative. It intends to create a new reality that is fair and equitable for everyone involved.

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* Notes
Affiliate payments will be paid monthly, once our platform is live.
Affiliates will be paid in Go To Hear crypto-currency tokens at the equivalent $ value at time of payment.
Affiliates will be paid for paying members only.

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