Go To Hear Affiliates


The Go To Hear affiliate revenue model explained

Affiliate marketing is a highly-effective model incorporated into the sales and marketing strategy of many household names, including; Amazon, Dropbox, Uber, TripAdvisor, Expedia, Virgin, Nike, Money Supermarket, Compare the Market, and eBay, as well as stores such as John Lewis, Sainsbury’s and Walmart.

With the Go To Hear model, we value your connections and not streaming numbers to give better rewards. 

Monetizing your user base and signing up your supporters as paying platform members is an alternative to the current ‘pay per play’ streaming model – where an already small slice of pie is split several ways. Compare us to other music services.

  • By reaching out and signing up your connections as paying members you can develop a new income stream.

Go To Hear affiliate rewards

Our affiliate algorithm will be created with 10 steps – but why 10 steps?

  • 10 steps will allow for the many different structures that exist within musician management.
  • 10 steps will ensure everyone receives a fairer reward for their hard work.
Step 1-$2.50* Step 2-$1.00* Step 3-$0.50* Step 4-$0.20* Step 5-$0.10* Step 6-$0.10* Step 7-$0.10* Step 8-$0.10* Step 9-$0.10* Step 10-$0.30*

How will Go To Hear payouts compare with other streaming platforms?

Other Streaming Platforms

Go To Hear

  • If you recommend 100 people who go on and sign up as platform subscribers you will get nothing for your hard work.
  • If you recommend 100 people who go on and sign up as Go To  Hear platform subscribers you will get $250* monthly recurring for your hard work.
  • Payouts are between $0.60 to $6.40 for 1000 streams (divided between the artist, label, and distributor). After 1000 plays you might receive between $0.15 – $1.60 as a one-off payment.
  • With the Go To Hear affiliate rewards algorithm, you only need sign up 1 person to earn $2.50* monthly recurring.


Flexible platform-wide affiliate rewards

We want to help incentivize multiple collaborators to assist in sales and promotion and so our revenue structure will have options to share affiliate commission in various ways.

Product owners will have the ability to set affiliate payment rates at different levels. For example – if a product owner wants to heavily promote a new release, download, product, or service they can give greater rewards at the beginning of the campaign as an incentive for people to get involved and push the promotion.

Note: * Payments are likely to be made in Go To Hear cryptocurrency tokens at an equivalent value to the $ payments listed.