Changing the Music Industry – Video by Josh Munroe


Go To Hear – ‘fair play for music’ around the world.

Watch Josh’s video below.

Go To Hear – an exciting new crowd-driven music platform that will deliver an entire music ecosystem with the power to change the music industry for the better, forever.

At Go To Hear we aim to deliver ‘fair play for music’ to artists around the world by creating a solution to offer an alternative to the pay-per-stream model – which in our view is failing the music industry, artists and fans in particular. Compare us to other music services.

With our crowd-driven platform income will be fairly shared.

About Josh Munroe

Josh is a talented musician, producer and member of Go To Hear. He believes in our project’s ability to change the music industry for the better, and to show his support he created this video to help spread the word about our ‘fair play for music’ platform.
A big thanks to Josh!  

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