I want to build a Go To Hear network but who can I market to?

Remember, Go To Hear will be a community ecosystem for everything and anything music.


Building your network.

When starting to build your network factor in Go To Hear will be a community ecosystem for everything music.

The platform will have facilities for; music promotion and sales, gig information, gig ticket sales, music downloading and streaming. Compare us to other music services.

Therefore there will be a wide range of businesses and people who’d benefit from becoming a member. 

It’s simple

  • sign-up
  • get an affiliate id
  • share your link
  • encourage others to join
  • when people sign up as paying members you get the rewards *

Reasons to join Go To Hear.

  • recurring income via paid-up membership referrals
  • marketplace for music and merchandise
  • extensive marketing network
  • in-built viral marketing
  • music discovery
  • music promotion
  • fanzine facility for musicians and listeners


Business categories to consider:

  • musicians
  • fans/listeners
  • music promoters
  • live music and event venues
  • music merchandise producers and shops
  • music videographers
  • instrument shops
  • tour management companies
  • audio and equipment shops
  • gig ticket agents
  • recording studios
  • online and offline music magazines
  • music bloggers
  • record labels
  • music managers
  • social clubs
  • independent labels
  • publicists
  • managers
  • DJs
  • marketing services –social media marketing, branding, training etc
  • life coaching services
  • printers – posters, publicity etc.
  • charities – used to raise funds
  • cryptocurrency industry people
  • startup/innovation industry people
  • photographers

When inviting people please note:

  • You MUST invite people to join Go To Hear via your unique user ID. (Example:
  • This is ESSENTIAL as it will ensure that all your paying membership referrals are correctly logged for you to receive your 25% share of their paid-up membership fee.

What are the benefits?

All affiliate members will be able to sign up new paying members to generate recurring income.

Example; signing up a music shop:

  1. You sign up the shop via your user ID.
  2. They sign up musicians and customers as paying members via their own user ID.
  3. They receive $2.50* monthly recurring for each paying member.
  4. You receive $1.00* recurring monthly for each paying member.

NOTE: Example 1 and 2* are for illustrative purposes only – figures are based on signing up paying platform members – you receive a share of subscription fees paid each month. 

*Figures are based on paying members – what you earn depends on how many paying members you sign up.

*Figures are based on paying members – what you earn depends on how many paying members you sign up.

What kind of musicians and music genres should I consider?

Go To Hear will be a platform that supports and encourages ALL music genres including Blues, Classical, Reggae, Country, Electronic, Folk, Hip-hop, Rock, Jazz, Asian, Latin, R&B and Soul – so factor this in when marketing, as many artists outside mainstream pop are crying out for a new way to earn from their art.

With so many music genres out there, we recommend that you begin your research here to narrow down a target niche market.

If you haven’t already, sign up today, and begin building your network ready for the platform launch.


* Notes
Affiliate payments will be paid monthly, once our platform is live.
Affiliates will be paid in Go To Hear crypto-currency tokens at the equivalent $ value at time of payment.
Affiliates will be paid for paying members only.

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