‘Fair Play for Music’ – Video by Phil Gee


Why choose Go To Hear’s new revenue model?

Watch Phil’s video below.

Go To Hear promises to be an exciting new crowd-driven music platform – an entire music ecosystem with the power to change the music industry for the better, forever.

At Go To Hear, our team is creating a solution that supports musicians to get their fair share of music industry income and reward the other people who contribute – marketeers, promoters, music labels, managers, venues and fans. With the Go  To Hear platform EVERYONE can earn. Compare us to other music services.

We’re not a pay-per-stream model – we think that model is failing the music industry, artists and fans in particular. We are a crowd-driven platform where the income is shared fairly.

‘The world needs fair play for music and Go To Hear aim to provide it.’

About Phil Gee

Phil is a talented DJ, founder member and supporter of Go To Hear.
When he heard about our projected he loved it and wanted to get involved. To support us in our mission to bring about industry change he has created this promo video for others to watch and share.
A big thanks to Phil!  

Musicians sign up to Go To Hear today.

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