Frequently Asked


How will Go To Hear Work?

  • Go To Hear will be a membership platform where musicians can upload their profile and their music.
  • Listeners will be able to search for a specific artist’s music or more generally by genre.
  • Anyone will be able to promote an artist’s music or the whole Go To Hear platform.
  • Rewards will be earned for any sales or memberships via their link.
  • On-site resources will be available to help Musicians with their marketing.

The Digital/Crypto tokens/currency we can earn – I’ve never used that – I’m confused.

The Go To Hear crypto token will be an electronic voucher that can be used on the Go To Hear site for rewards, purchases and transfers. Users will also be able to exchange tokens for cash via external sites. It’s similar to over 1500 cryptocurrencies that are currently being used. Find out more.

As a listener, I didn’t realise that musicians were having a tough time of it – I just get free music everywhere. Why are things tough?

This is mainly down to actual tech progress with the digital age, musicians have various forums to release their music but are for the most part finding it hard to monetise their music and make a living. Find out more.

How can I get involved – what can I do?

As a musician, listener, promoter or industry professional you can sign up to find out more about getting involved with Go To Hear.