The World has Changed – Video by Wayne Atkinson


An introduction to Go To Hear – a video by Wayne Atkinson.

About Go To Hear.

Go To Hear is an exciting new crowd-driven music platform.
We are creating an entire music ecosystem with the power to change the music industry for the better, forever.

Our main philosophy is to support musicians so they get a fair share of music industry incomes, but also to reward the other people who contribute.
So,  artists, fans, marketeers, promoters, music labels, managers, venues – everyone can earn with Go To Hear.

We aren’t a pay-per-stream model – we think that model is failing the music industry, artists and fans in particular.
We are a crowd-driven platform where the income is shared fairly.

Go To Hear want to give artists more money whilst helping them focus on making and performing music, not having to learn internet marketing techniques.
The world needs fair play for music and Go To Hear aim to provide it.


About Wayne Atkinson

Wayne is a talented supporter of Go To Hear – a software developer, internet marketeer, entrepreneur and last but by no means least a musician.
He loved our project so much he wanted to get involved and make a difference in the evolution of the music industry.
A big thanks to Wayne!  

Musicians sign up to Go To Hear today.


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