How to use your username to invite others.


Guide to inviting others.

Instructions for onward invites and referrals:

  1. Sign up and get your unique username*.
  2. Invite people to join Go To Hear via your username. (Example: This is important as it will ensure all your referrals are correctly allocated for you to receive 25% (recurring) of the paying member’s subscription fee. 

Instructions for the people you sign up: 

  1. The people you invite must enter/join the site via your username*.
  2. When they sign up they will get their own unique username.
  3. They must use their own unique username to refer/invite others to join. If they fail to use their own username and the person signs up as a paying member, they won’t get their 25%* (recurring) of the subscription fee.

We want everyone to get what’s due to them. We’re about providing an equitable revenue model and sharing subscription fees with our platform members, so remember when you’re referring people to the site do this via your own username and tell others to do the same.

Musicians sign up to Go To Hear today.

Promoters sign up to Go To Hear today.

Please note: There’s a cookie that lasts 1 year between visits

* Affiliate payments will be paid monthly, once our platform is live.
Affiliates will be paid in Go To Hear crypto-currency tokens at the equivalent $ value at time of payment.
Affiliates will be paid for paying members only.

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