Go To Hear Intro Video for Listeners & Fans

Watch our video below to find out more.


Listener / fan video introduction to Go To Hear.

Go To Hear is creating an exciting new crowd-driven music platform – an entire music ecosystem with the power to change the music industry for the better, forever.

Watch our video for listeners/fans below to find out more.

Actively engage with your favourite artists.

With Go To Hear you’ll not only be able to search for and listen to great music, you’ll also be able to directly engage with the artists and bands you like and support. Compare us to other music services.

Earn rewards for promoting the music you love.

Using our innovative split-reward blogging facility, you’ll be able to help promote an artist’s new release and share in the merchandise sales and download income that’s generated.

Be more ethical in your music choice.

Our mission is to support artists/musicians by giving them a fair share of music industry revenue through an alternative to the pay-per-stream model. With Go To Hear your monthly platform subscription will benefit artists and musicians more. Read more about the Go To Hear listener benefits.

Sign up as a listener with Go To Hear – a crowd-driven platform where artists receive a fairer share.

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