Why Sign Up with Go To Hear?
We Want to Help Music Professionals


Go To Hear is focused on helping music professionals.

The Go To Hear platform is all about:

“fair play for music”

  • connecting musicians with their fans and fans with musicians
  • building a community that promotes true talent and creativity
  • helping musicians and industry professionals earn more
  • a crowd-driven platform where artists don’t need to be marketing experts
  • rewarding everyone involved fairly, those who do the work get paid

We are creating a global eco-system for music – to help artists, industry professionals and listeners. Compare us to other music services.

Go To Hear is not just another streaming app…
…it’s a music revolution.

How can music industry pros earn more on the Go To Hear platform?

How can music industry pros earn more on the Go To Hear platform?

There are lots of ways a musician, or industry professional will be able to earn on the Go To Hear platform.

  • Membership – sign up new members, get paid up to 50% of associated membership fees
  • Tips – we have an innovative system to massively encourage tipping
  • E-commerce – sell music, tickets and merchandise
  • Lots more top-secret innovations that will transform incomes in the music industry.

How will Go To Hear benefit music industry professionals?

How will Go To Hear benefit music industry professionals?

Go To Hear will provide industry professionals with the ability to earn without taking a cut from musicians’ earnings.

  • It’s simple
    • sign-up,
    • get an affiliate id,
    • share your link,
    • encourage others to join,
    • when people sign up as paying members you get the rewards. *

Get paid for promoting and sharing with people you already know.

It’s simple, it’s easy and it’s fair.
As a music industry professional you may be in a position to sign up 100s or even 1000s of paying artists and their fans.
They in turn can sign up even more paying members, and at every level you get paid.

  • You will earn $2.50 per month recurring for each paying artist/member you sign up. *
  • You also earn $1.00 per month recurring for each paying member they sign up. *
  • You also earn paid out for further levels – up to $5 of each members’ payments goes to affiliates. *

Go To Hear is unique.
Unlike other platforms;

  • You won’t be paid out of what should be artists money.
  • Artists will receive rewards for every paying member that signs up because of them.
  • We don’t make huge payouts to investors/shareholders because we aren’t beholden to any.
  • We don’t make huge payouts to super-labels because we are 100% independent.
  • We don’t make huge payouts on advertising campaigns,  because everything we create is 100% geared to be crowd-driven.

So, more of the money goes to artists and hard working industry professionals.

If you want to help promote Go To Hear and want to earn your fair share from the music industry then sign up here.

* Notes
Affiliate payments will be paid monthly, once our platform is live.
Affiliates will be paid in Go To Hear crypto-currency tokens at the equivalent $ value at time of payment.
Affiliates will be paid for paying members only.