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Why Sign Up with Go To Hear?


We are focused on helping musicians earn more for their music.

Go To Hear is all about:

  • connecting musicians with their fans
  • building a community that promotes true talent and creativity
  • helping musicians earn more
  • a crowd-driven platform where artists don’t need to be marketing experts

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How will our platform financially compare to others?

Free streaming is damaging music and pay per play doesn’t reward artists enough. With Go To Hear we are creating a new revenue model that will allow artists to reap better rewards from their hard work. Compare us to other music services.

It’s simple

  • sign-up,
  • get a user id,
  • share your link with your fans and connections,
  • encourage others to join,
  • and when people sign up as paying members you get the rewards. *

By doing this;

  • you’ll no longer be bound by low pay per play streaming rates
  • you’ll receive $2.50 in monthly income from every paying platform member you sign up
  • you’ll have an additional revenue source you can add to your existing income streams – we don’t ask for exclusivity

Current streaming models are failing musicians!

While streaming might have taken over the music industry not everyone is receiving their fair share of the rewards – talented artists are losing out. Current streaming platforms make it hard, if not impossible, for 90% of musicians to make a living wage – you only have to look at average pay per play rates to see why that’s the case.

Platform Average $/Play Plays to make $1000
Napster $0.0167* 59,880
Tidal $0.0110* 90,909
Apple Music $0.0064* 156,250
Google Play $0.0059* 169,491
Deezer $0.0056* 178,571
Spotify $0.0038* 263,157
Pandora $0.0011* 909,090
YouTube $0.0006* 1,666,667


Sign up to Go to Hear and become part of music industry change

Go To Hear is not about making large profits off the back of hardworking musicians. We understand the issues facing musicians struggling to make a living from their music, and we are working to change this forever.

When our platform is launched it will provide:

  • a platform where your fans are your promotional army
  • resources to build your army, increase your network, grow your fan base and generate a wider audience
  • an ecosystem for promotion and sales
  • help to monetise your talent to make a living from your music
  • a community where musicians can help and advise each other.
  • access to a whole range of pay as you use professional services from legal to branding

As a musician, we will provide you will a fanzine portal with everything you need to:

  • create playlists to promote & share
  • become a promoter – tools to increase your fanbase and your income
  • blog and promote your tracks
  • create promotions for members
  • advertise to members
  • release event and gig information

We are open to working with Artists who can help to build Go To Hear in a way that will work for musicians and industry professionals.

Be one of the first musicians to benefit from our platform and get founder musician status and benefits.

Artists sign up today for instant access.

* Notes
Affiliate payments will be paid monthly, once our platform is live.
Affiliates will be paid in Go To Hear crypto-currency tokens at the equivalent $ value at time of payment.
Affiliates will be paid for paying members only.