Why doesn’t pay per play streaming guarantee financial success?


Once upon a time having a hit meant rich rewards, but that’s not the case today.

A few months back Liam Gallagher pretty much summed things up when he said ‘money’s too tight to mention, no one buys records these days’. So if he’s feeling the pinch what chance does an independent artist have?

From the listeners’ perspective streaming is great, access to millions of tracks at the touch of a button from services they can sign up to for free – but what about you the artist?

The fact is you could have a hit with 3.2 million plays on YouTube but only end up with around $2,000 as a one-off payment – doesn’t seem right does it? Clearly, somebody is benefiting but it’s not you!

So, what’s the alternative to pay per play?

We believe the answer is Go To Hear, a new kind of music platform that will offer a different revenue model where you earn recurring monthly income from the fans you invite who become paying platform members. You won’t be restricted to just fans either as there are dozens of categories you can invite.

You’ll no longer have to worry about getting millions of streams a month to earn a living. You’ll also be able to market and sell your downloads, gig tickets and merchandise to listeners platform-wide and there will be a facility for fans to tip you if they particularly like a track.

It’s simple

  • sign-up
  • get an affiliate id
  • share your link
  • encourage others to join
  • when people sign up as paying members you get the rewards *

In addition, your fans can sign up other paying members, and you will receive a slice of that pie too. You’ll be able to run campaigns and incentivise members to promote your music using a split reward facility to pay out commission on the sales they make.

If you’re just starting out and only have a few fans, we will be building a set of tools designed to help you grow awareness around your music and increase your fan base. It’ll be a one-stop shop for everything music, downloads, streaming, promotion, band bios, a fanzine, and access to industry professionals. Compare us to other music services.

We won’t be asking for exclusivity either, you can sign up to as many other music platforms as you’d like – ours is an additional income stream to take advantage of. Our platform demo is close to launching with masses more features planned.

We want to deliver a fairer and better paying model for independent artists and need your support. 

Sign up and tell people you know about our plans as we want the word to spread that there’s an equitable revenue model on its way. Send your fans your unique user ID and invite them to join.


* Notes

Affiliate payments will be paid monthly, once our platform is live.
Affiliates will be paid in Go To Hear crypto-currency tokens at the equivalent $ value at time of payment.
Affiliates will be paid for paying members only.

2 thoughts on “Why doesn’t pay per play streaming guarantee financial success?

  1. The problem is massive for musicians as the public now believes that music is a commodity and has no value – its why CD sales are falling – its made worse easy and free sharing online – I believe that GoToHear is trying to change it in the right way by connecting artists and their fans. The time for GoToHear is now!

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