Go To Hear Intro Video for Promoters

Watch our video below to find out more.


Promoter video introduction to Go To Hear.

Go To Hear is creating an exciting new crowd-driven music platform – an entire music ecosystem with the power to change the music industry for the better, forever. Watch our video below to find out more.

Easily connect with industry professionals.

Our mission is to make it easier for promoters to connect with industry professionals such as labels, distributors, venues, musicians and their fans. We want to help promoters earn more for their efforts via an alternative to the pay-per-stream model – which we think is failing the music industry as a whole, and artists/musicians in particular. Compare us to other music services.

Benefit from in-built viral marketing.

Through our E-commerce facility, you’ll be able to benefit from in-built viral marketing, and run special offers or campaigns. You’ll also be able to link up with musicians and connect to their fans. Read more about promoter benefits here.

Sign up as a promoter with Go To Hear – a crowd-driven platform where the income is shared fairly.

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