Join the New Music Revolution – Video by Dan Balsamini


Go To Hear – an exciting new crowd-driven music platform.

Watch Dan’s video below.

Go To Hear is creating a solution to offer an alternative to the pay-per-stream model – which in our view is failing the music industry, artists and fans in particular. With our crowd-driven platform income will be fairly sharedCompare us to other music services.

Go To Hear a music ecosystem with the power to change the music industry for the better, forever.

About Dan Balsamini

Go To Hear team member Dan Balsamini has years of experience working in different roles within the industry where he has been everything from a sound and lighting engineer, website designer and online marketer to a band manager and music journalist. He has made a video for you to share to spread the word about our new musical revolution.

Thanks, Dan!

Musicians sign up to Go To Hear today.

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